Virtual CFO

I work with established service-based business owners who want to change the way they approach their finances, who want to make smart financial moves, and who are ready to have their business fully support the life they want to live.


Service Details

I'll help you work from a place of financial empowerment.As your Virtual CFO, I'll help you:

    manage cash flow, keep you GAAP compliant
    provide financial, operational analysis & implementation
    work to increase profitability
    help you develop new income streams
    help you provide projections & forecasts
    create budgets, and track KPIs
    create more efficiency
    manage all the financial pieces

But more important than all the technical benefits, as your Virtual CFO, I'll help you structure your business so that it is healthy, sustainable, and aligned with your unique lifestyle and all of your goals.
Practically speaking, you'll find that my role as Virtual CFO for your company incorporates (and sometimes eliminates) some other consultant roles like bookkeeper, tax strategist, business coach, etc.

Who's This For?

Hire a CFO if you:

Are looking to collaborate with an executive on business direction

Need higher-level reporting and analysis to drive company decisions

Are unsure of the correct financial strategy for your company

Need help managing cash shortfalls

Need help designing a workforce reduction or turnaround plan

Need assistance with equity or debt activities


*This service is of greatest value & fit to service-based business owners who are generating $500K to $5M/yr.

A Personalized Approach


Since everyone's situation is unique, we make sure to fully understand your situation first so we can determine exactly how to help you best. A typical client gets support in the following areas. If there's something not listed that you need help with, don't hesitate to contact us about it.


    Ongoing Business & Money Coaching
    Regular support via phone, email, and video conference
    Budgeting & forecasting
    Cash flow management
    Increasing profit margins
    KPI tracking
    Debt elimination strategy + implementation

    Payroll oversight
    Filing and tracking of subcontractor payments throughout the year
    Pricing Strategy
    Quarterly estimated tax payment calculations 
    IRS audit support
    Oversight & implementation of needed GAAP compliance

    Customized financial reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, plus others by Request)
    Staffing support
    Operational analysis & implementation
    Hosting of accounting & financial software

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