Pre-Audit Services

A pre-audit is a mock audit that will assist you in identifying the items that an auditor will need in order to complete the audit. Pre-Audit services prepare you for an audit to reduce the stress of an audit on staff and reduce the costs of an audit.


Service Details

The secret to an efficient, timely and reasonably priced audit is preparation. During apre-audit, a company or individual's financial documents are examined to ensure that all information is correct before the company or individual undergoes an official audit. By providing reconciled accounts, accounting processes and a clear audit trail, an efficientpre-audit facilitates a smoother, quicker, less disruptive and less expensive annual audit.
Activities that include pre-audit services are :

    review of internal control and internal procedures
    testing of IT controls
    compiling the (audit) balance sheet file
    final general journal entries
    reconciliation of sub-ledger accounts to the general ledger
    cleanup of the trial balance
    assembly of workpapers supporting account balances
    preparing the (internal) financial statements
    performing calculations of complex financial statements items
    facilitate audit with the external auditors

Who needs a Pre-Audit?

    Any company that will be undergoing an audit by the IRS or a 3rd party. 
    An owner of a company that wants validation that the financial statements are correct according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

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